Hello, I’m Tanner Short

I am a Director of Photography with a critical eye for content creation. I love video in all its forms – from music videos to corporate commercials.


“Give me a camera with a fast lens, and I’ll find an adventure anywhere.“


Like many great photographers before me, my start came with photographing landscapes on family vacations and documenting concerts in college.

From there, I worked as a Production Assistant on a series of documentaries and reality shows. I stayed in the grind for several years, always looking for opportunities to expand my production experience, including stints on big budget films like Pitch Perfect 2, The Magnificent Seven, and Fantastic Four.

My next opportunities came through local ad agencies and production companies, where I’ve collaborated on government PSAs, promotional videos, broadcast commercials, and anything else they can throw at me. I regularly work with companies across Louisiana including ThreeSixtyEight, Echo Tango (formerly Tommy’s TV), DigitalFX, Launch Media, Atmosphere Aerial, and Eye Wander Photo.

That brings us to my plans for the future. Whether you’re looking to rent a piece of gear I’ve acquired along this journey, or you need an extra mind and set of hands with experience in all aspects of production, I’ve got you covered. Let’s talk!


Beyond the Camera

Ok, let’s be real – there’s almost always a camera in my hands. But here’s a few of my other interests that double as great test subjects:

  • Hiking

  • Overlanding

  • Cooking

  • Travel


“One of my favorite documentaries to work on was for the Discovery Channel. The show “Killing Fields” took me to very interesting locations including cane fields, bayous, on boats, and even into the FBI headquarters in New Orleans.”

Gear Rentals

My equipment collection covers everything you need for a small- to mid-sized production. Let me know what you’re looking for through the contact form, and I’ll get back to you with a rental quote.

Need something fast, or just not sure what you need? Give me a call directly at (225) 726-8707


Production Services

Bring me in at any stage to boost your production.



  • Producing/Planning

  • Creative Guidance

  • Crew Outsourcing

On Set

  • Grip/Gaff Work

  • Camera Operator

  • Director of Photography


  • Footage Ingesting

  • Editing

  • Color Grading