Production Services 

Available for hire to fill roles at every stage of production. Contact me directly to discuss rates.




With a large network of skilled industry professionals and access to essential resources, I am confident I can produce any kind of project you have in mind. My experience in pre-production includes commercial, corporate, music video, and narrative projects. 


  • Resource acquisition

  • Crewing

  • Location scouting

  • Previsualization/storyboarding

  • Creating and distributing call sheets


Director of Photography

You likely have a vision for your project, but do you know what gear is needed to bring that vision to life? I’ve built extensive technical knowledge in the camera and lighting department and excel when collaborating with crew to efficiently achieve the director’s desired visuals.



  • Pre-visualization through computer rendered scenes or lighting diagrams

  • Grip, lighting, and camera gear selection appropriate to your project

  • Camera and lighting direction on set

  • A-Camera operation



I offer that just-right mix of skills gained through real experience, the advanced tech to handle the post-production workload, and the grit and time to dedicate to your project. I’ve honed my ability to cut together footage that sends an effective message to viewers. My editing workspace includes a 6K-capable desktop and an extremely accurate color grading monitor with selectable colorspace outputs, including HDR. And finally, I have an advanced understanding of editing workflows for various types of LOG and RAW footage.



  • Media ingesting and organization

  • Editing rough cuts

  • Color correction

  • Color grading

  • Leading-edge workflow and grading for HDR content


Does your project include motion graphics and effects? I’d be happy to connect you with the best motion graphic artists in my network.